Slow wave RF propagation line including a network of nanowires

Microstrip line which is a propagation line with a minimum surface area per length unit


Avantages concurentiels

  • Small surface area per length
  • Provides low losses
  • Patented technology

opportunités de marché

  • Electronics
  • Integrated circuits

Stade de développement



Partenariat recherché

  • Co-développement
  • Licensing

Propriété intellectuelle

FR (FR2989842B1), US (US9653773B2), Brasil (BR 10 2014 026501-5)

Chercheur / Laboratoire

Philippe FERRARI, TIMA Laboratory


This technology relates to a radiofrequency (RF) propagation line waveguides. More precisely we present here a microstrip line which is a propagation line having a minimum surface area per length unit, having low losses and capable of operating at frequencies which may reach a value in the order of 500GHz.

The propagation line displayed here is comprising a conductive strip on an insulating layer associated with a conductive plane parallel to the strip. That second plane is made of insulating layer (ceramic) but comprises a network of electrically-conductive but non magnetic nanowires (Cu, Al, Ag, Au). The materials used for this propagation line are commonly used in the electronics industry, and the manufacturing process cans easily be integrated in a clean room.


The main interest of this structure is to be able to operate in a broader range of frequencies compared to other technologies while occupying a smaller surface area per length.

The technology is still under development, aims could be reducing cost of production for example.


Thibaud MIARD

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