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Floralis and Industrial Partnerships

Floralis works with researchers and industrial partners throughout each stage of the implementation of a research contract, from the "matching phase" where industrial partners and laboratories are introduced, through to the negotiating stage and the drafting of contracts.

A "one-stop shop" for companies wishing to develop relationships with leading Grenoble-based laboratories, Floralis initially introduces industrial and academic partners at the start of the collaborative process. Such meetings take place at UGA laboratories, giving industrial partners the opportunity to examine the laboratory's technical infrastructure as well as meet key players in the research team.

Floralis will put in place a specific contract for every industrial collaboration:

  • Collaborative research contract : a contract defining the terms under which a UGA lab will collaborate with an industrial partner on a pre-defined research project. Under the terms of such a contract each party will agree to work on separate, but predefined, aspects of the research project.
  • Service-based research contract : a contract linking a UGA lab to an industrial partner under terms which do not oblige the laboratory to achieve predefined results, but which may lead to the discovery of new data that can be of benefit to the company in many ways. The optimization of production methods, or the resolution of a complex technical problem are examples of such benefits.
  • Material transfer contract : a contract which determines the conditions under which a UGA lab will make available to an industrial third party a product/material developed and owned by the University.
  • In all of the above three contracts, financial, legal, Intellectual Property and project timescale details are agreed and predefined by all relevant parties.
  • Confidentiality agreement : a document protecting the divulgation of data by parties according to predefined rules. This document is drafted in such a way that it offers significant legal value if litigation arises as a result of a patent application.

Furthermore, Floralis is able to co-ordinate, in conjunction with a UGA scientific manager, joint collaborations in which at least one industrial partner and UGA laboratory (but potentially more) are partners. Such collaboration will take place from the project's inception through to the final phases of the project. These industrial development projects can be carried out as part of national (eg ANR) or European (PCRD6 - PCDR7 - MEDEA - Eureka etc).

In the case of European projects, Floralis works in close collaboration with a variety of key European Agencies to ensure that they are effectively managed at all times.