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Our business: transforming raw technology into marketable products

The private subsidiary of the University Grenoble Alpes (UGA)), Grenoble's university for science, technology and medicine, Floralis bridges the gap between public research institutions and Industry.

Floralis's key objective is to transfer technology emanating from UJF labs to the market through a variety of relevant, targeted business models (business unit, proof of concept, licensing etc).

You need...

  • to acquire know-how or innovative technology
  • to initiate R&D partnerships with highly reputed research laboratories
  • to access cutting -edge technological platforms and equipment
  • to facilitate the technology transfer process.

We provide...

  • improved communication: a single point of contact to manage your relationships with leading academic laboratories,
  • economies in terms of time and resource: the rapid identification of innovative technology offerings
  • high levels of customer service: your own Account Manager to drive your project forward,
  • an efficient approach: ensuring your business needs are met at all times.