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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ANR pipeline : Plasma platform Inauguration
ANR pipeline : Plasma platform Inauguration

Floralis joins forces with researchers from the LPSC laboratory to launch a new plasma etching technology that could radically improve production processes within the microelectronics industry.

The inauguration of the APANAGE plasma etching platform took place on the 31st of January, 2013 to an audience of around 70 visitors originating from both academic and industrial backgrounds.

The APANAGE project, which has been funded by the French national research agency (ANR) has been set up to develop a new plasma process that could dramatically improve industrial manufacturing processes for the development of microelectronics, and printed circuit boards in particular. The importance of plasma technologies within the micro and nano electronics industries is well known and these technologies are used for a variety of applications including the coating and etching of printed circuit boards.

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solids, liquids and gases) and is already widely used within the micro electronics industry, to the extent that as much as 80% of microelectronic products will have passed through a plasma production process during their manufacture. This highly versatile technology is used for a wide range of industrial applications including the production of low-energy light bulbs, computer monitors and displays, and even the textile industry where plasma is used to improve the quality of fabrics and reduce shrinkage.

The current technologies used in plasma production processes for micro electronics are highly inflexible, meaning that a very large number of products are being produced by equipment suppliers for niche applications. A key aim of the APANAGE project is to simplify this process, by developing a range of bespoke, high performance plasma-etching solutions that can be easily integrated into existing technological equipment.

Floralis’s involvement in the project related to the setting up of the ANR project which directly led to an investment of over 58K€ in research funding as well as working on a variety of communication led-projects to promote the project to industrial and academic audiences. This work included the development of a market research project, the management of the inauguration as well as the development of a bilingual website , a brochure and supporting direct marketing activity to raise the profile of the project in France and abroad.

This ANR project officially ended in February, 2013

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