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Certain technologies are sufficiently mature enough to be fast-tracked to the market (3 to 6 months). When this is the case, Floralis will put together a product or service based offering specific to the technology. This "business unit" will be led by a Technology Transfer Manager who is responsible for overseeing all commercial elements of the proposition.

  • Prospecting for clients
  • Strategy for service based technologies
  • Strategy for service based technologies
  • Manufacture of products
  • Sales strategies (for product and service based technologies)

Each business unit is allocated its own budget, its own commercial and technical support team as well as the means of promoting its technology (through marketing tools, the internet etc). The Technology transfer manager is given free rein to develop this "virtual company" with his own clients and suppliers whilst retaining the overall support of Floralis. This type of technological development is oriented more towards company creation than licencing and gives the Technology Transfer Manager the flexibility, time and commercial tools necessary to grow his business whilst minimizing any commercial risk. The eventual creation of this new company will be based on tangible commercial proof that demonstrates the long term sustainability of the business venture, including accounting data assessed over a two year period.

Floralis currently has a number of business units in operation...

Our business units